"Redefining Children's Music"

Monster Rockers Group
Meet the monsters !

DEREK:   vocals and rythm guitar

He is the Rocker's front man. He sings, raps, plays guitar and enjoys being in the spotlight. He can be very opinionated and is sometimes known to be wrong... OK, he's wrong a lot! But that doesn't stop him from having fun!

DELILAH:   vocals, saxophone, flute

She is Derek's younger sister. She is kind and caring, but she is also very determined. She has a strong will and is always ready to speak her mind, especially to her brother!
It is her confidence and belief in herself that make her Derek's equal on stage and off, Dee is a real competitor!

BUDDY:     drums and percussion

Buddy is from the Caribbean Islands and laughter is essential to this Monster. He loves to hear and tell jokes, he never likes seeing anyone looking grim, he thinks it's unhealthy! But when it comes to the drums, it's time to get serious!

IAN:     lead guitar

Knowledge is power to this Rocker! Ian is fascinated by everything. From the bottom of the oceans to the cosmos, there is so much to learn, although he is very intelligent, he is always excited to learn more, there is something new happening every day!

SIDNEY:    bass

What else would a Monster this size play except the bass? Not only does he play the bass, but Sid speaks it as well! His voice is so low it rumbles, and this sometimes scares people, but there is nothing to be afraid of. Sidney is a gentle giant,  a little kindness goes a long way!