"Redefining Children's Music"


"Redefining Children's Music"

The "MONSTER ROCKERS" core mission is to provide character building/educational materials to elementary school aged children and to give them the opportunity to interact with real life, everyday situations as a fun and creative learning experience.
Original Group Art of the Monster Rockers
Our new song, "Boys and Girls" adresses the issue of male/female equality, and it does so from the playground.  This subject is relevant today as much as it ever was before, and as the lyrics go, "We find this truth to be self evident, someday a girl will be president!"

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Derek, Guitar and Vocals for the Monster Rockers
About Me...
Monster Mike
Original Group Art of the Monster Rockers

Monster Rocker Creator, Michael Durkay, has always been a fan of all things kids, but some time ago, felt the music industry wasn't paying enough quality attention to the children's genre, in fact, the industry seems to have decided childhood ends at about the age of 5, and a pre-teen actually begins at age 6.  This poses an important question, "When is a child no longer a child?"  Monster Mike decided to take matters into his own hands and develop something different, something that creates a new music that is significant to it's intended audience, "Children".  Not only did he want music that reflected situations that occur in childhood, he also wanted there to be a learning componant as well, from literacy, to social development, and quite possibly, critical thinking. So he initiated what he calls the T.I.L.T program. Teach, Inspire, and Learn Together. For more information on T.I.L.T. you can use the contact form and we will respond as soon as possible...


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